Moved. Again.

Moved. Again.

Most of my friends and coworkers already know I've been planning on moving to Austin for a while, but few know the extent of the situation. I actually started writing this post months ago when I was first planning the move. I didn't post it until today – now that I'm finally here. I did this purposefully, because I've been wanting to move to Austin for over three years, and any time I came close, something would happen and I'd need to change my plans.

Austin has been a second home for me for over three years now. My BFF Cora and my "second family" live here, so I visited often. I thought about moving down here on a very regular basis, since Cora first moved down.

In fact, after Cora moved here in 2013, I planned on moving as well and transitioning in Austin. I couldn't imagine that my biological family would accept me when I came out to them.

It turns out, I couldn't wait until I had my shit together enough for the move. Instead, I came out to my parents and they actually reacted alright, so I put off the move until I finished university. But, life kept throwing a wrench into my plans – my office closed down, so I joined the team at DigitalOcean – my dream job. Naturally, later that year, I decided to move to Brooklyn so I could live closer to the office.

When I moved from East Northport to Brooklyn last year, I thought I was making a good decision. And for all intents and purposes, it was. It put me closer to DigitalOcean HQ, cut my commute dramatically, added some buffer space between my family and me, and was a great learning experience. However, it was expensive as hell, the apartment building had issues, the bathroom ceiling leaked every month or more, I didn't live in the apartment I signed the lease for, and living with one of my coworkers proved to be more difficult than I had imagined. I had the foresight of naming our wifi network "BadDecisions" -- I should have listened to myself. Stupid, stupid Eris.

In the 3.5ish years since Cora moved down, I've visited over 7 times. I've met a lot of really cool people down here, including Erika, who I've grown really close to. This year alone, I've already spent over 6 weeks in Austin. And when I went to Ireland + Scotland, I did it with friends from Austin. It feels like, aside from work, and the many friends I've made in NY, my life is down here right now.

I don't regret living in Brooklyn. It was been a lot of fun and I loved working at DigitalOcean's HQ, but I feel like I'm ready to work remotely. So, as of last night, I finally live in Austin. And so far it's amazing.

Except Cora keeps annoying me as I write this. So yeah, I do regret it a bit already. 😜

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