Quick update - I’m going to XOXO Fest this year (also commuting sucks)

So, I suck at writing on a regular basis. I know, I’m sorry. My bad. I’m just going to launch into this entry now, since I’ve been putting off publishing this for a good week. Intro paragraphs are for squares, anyway.

DigitalOcean is sending me to Portland for XOXO this year! We each get one conference of our choice to go to, and XOXO was my choice. For those unfamiliar with this festival, I’ll explain: Basically, it’s a really cool festival + conference celebrating indie art and technology, with an additional focus on diversity. A huge variety of people are going to be there, whether they’re independent creators or from tech companies, and it’s going to be amazing. I’ll write about it a few months after I get back, because that’s how I am.

So, speaking of DigitalOcean, for those of you who don’t keep up, I started working there in May as a Platform Support Specialist. That basically means I get to help all sorts of people with whatever problems they may face, whether they’re simply trying to get their application working, or if they’re having a network issue. I’m the type of person who takes a genuine interest in people’s problems, so this sort of thing is perfect for me! Of course, DigitalOcean is a “self-managed” provider, so we can’t really get too far in depth, from the support end, but if we know what’s up or if we have a personal interest in something, we can always do our best to help.

That being said, DigitalOcean is in NYC, and I live pretty far out on Long Island — About an hour and a half away from the office. While many of my coworkers are remote, I personally prefer being around other people in the office, so I spend almost 3 hours each day on trains. I don’t mind it too much, I love listening to music, and the train ride gives me time to gather my thoughts. It’s kind of nice. But what sucks is when the LIRR has issues, and BOY does it have issues. Last Wednesday, there was a power outage which caused my train to run over 70 minutes late - with me on it. I was on the train from 8:11am, until around 11:30am when we finally pulled into Penn Station. The next day, out of nowhere, my train was cancelled. And that just sucks. So yeah, I’m looking to move to the city within the next six months or so. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m excited! :)

Finally, I am dating again, except this time I’m taking a more casual approach. In the past when I’ve dated, I was looking for someone to spend time with, long term. This time, I’m trying to be more casual. I’ve met people at bars, on okcupid, went on many, many first dates, and basically my goal is just to have fun and enjoy life. It’s going well so far.

So yeah. I think I’m going to try to write weekly-ish. I’ll give a brief recap of XOXO after I get back next week. :)

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