As I stated in my last entry, DigitalOcean lets each of us attend one conference of our choice each year. I picked XOXO as that conference, and I’m glad I did because I met so many awesome people and saw so many awesome talks. Some big ones which hit me hardest were by C. Spike TrotmanMallory OrtbergZoe QuinnEric MeyerAmit Gupta, and Kathy Sierra (who doesn’t have a Twitter). I laughed, I cried, I cried, I cried, and I had intense moments of introspection. The talks should be up on the XOXO Youtube page so I’m not going to write about them. Instead, I’d like to talk about the amazing people I met.

XOXO has this amazing theme of independence, and so many of the people I met have made amazing things (and others, like me, were just amazing).

I met the people who made Transmit, a piece of software that I totally originally pirated, but bought shortly after because it’s really just that good. Panic is such a cool company and I talked to one of their support guys for a short time about customer support philosophy and stuff, which was pretty nice. I also scraped my arm and got a splinter at their rooftop garden thing

I played a really fun board game, where every piece, card, and the board itself were completely blank, with the guy who actually made the game (and holy hell was I confused at first).

And, of course, I sucked coffee through Tim Tams while trying to make sure the Tim Tams stayed intact (way harder than it sounds), with a bunch of people I met on the XOXO slack.

Overall, I not only had fun, but I also learned so much... Maybe I’ll revisit the talks once the videos actually get put online, in a proper blog post about the conference talks themselves. But part of me feels like that’s already been done so much on Medium, by people who are much better writers than I, so give some of those articles a read if you’re interested. I will definitely try my best to go back again next year, and hopefully take more pictures.

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